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~ Prinz Eriks Takarazuka Journal ~ [entries|friends|calendar]
Prinz Erik

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[13 Apr 2016|09:43am]

Hey Dears,

a few of my dear Zuka/LJ Friends want to know more about my current OG Life (haha):

This is my IG:

kiss kiss
Best Wishs,

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[18 Dec 2012|01:02pm]
OMG ~ Fersen ! Sousen !


so happy for her  ! she looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautyful !
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[12 Mar 2012|07:40pm]


Today was the last day ! OH NO IS OVER ! i will miss them so so much ! ahhhhhhhhhh !

To sum it up shortly: Tenshi No Hashigo  is a marvellous show full of fun, drama and of course romance. I am glad it’s a Bowhall and not a Daigekijou show. It just wouldn’t be the same. Nippon Seinenkan was sold out, every time I checked carefully through every single seat.

The audience consists of many men and quite a number of young girls, too. Where have all the grannies gone??
Toyoko is loved by everyone. I can feel it with every fierce yet very warm and heartfelt applause she receives.
I am very proud of her and Hoshigumi of course. The cast is PERFECT.

It’s such a shame, there won’t be an opportunity for the trio “Shio!Seika!Rurika!” anymore in the near future.

A few thoughts on the „Bow Roman – Tenshi no Hashigo“:

- Darcy – they never use „Mr.Darcy“ – wears a new wig. It is very different from the promotion picture. The cut is shorter and dark blonde.

- “The Angle’s Ladder” is a lightbeam breaking through the clouds! It’s drawn on the background set and just looks beautiful!

- the show starts with plenty of fog and dancing ballerinas/angles – then Toyoko appears, singing the theme song, first as a solo number, then Minori comes and dances around Toyoko in a white dress. Soon after the whole cast enters the stage and starts an energetic choreography.

- Mikki wears a fatsuit, but her tiny head doesn’t fit the rest. Collins constantly checks, if his hair is still in shape. She has so much acting talent and made the audience laugh all the time. And she got plenty of stagetime.

- Ema Naoki was at her best of course. Her Mrs. Bennet was a masterpiece and OMG she was so hilarious! The whole Bennet family was casted PERFECTLY. Minori’s sisters Yua (Mary), Aa-chan (Lydia), Fuu-chan (Kitty) and especially Riri (Jane) grew to my heart.

- there is a really sexy „fight” dance-scene between Tomomin, Toyoko and Georgiana (Yuuka Riko, even if she was a little colourless compared to the others) with many shadow otokyau dancing around them. Tomomin and Toyoko have a great Lead – Nibante chemistry, but also Rurika was a good match with Toyoko.

Mao Yuuki is very present among the “background otokoyaku”. She’s always around and in the dancing scenes, she mostly marks the centre. Only Shuu stole the attention with that one pirouette! OMG, I LOVE SHUU! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUUL!!

- after THE big fight between Lizzie and Darcy, a thunderstorm starts and with it the second theme song of Darcy. It’s the finale of Act 1! The song is totally catchy and starts with an E-Guitar solo as intro – so dramatic! I think “Comment lui dire” gets a rival here. The music in general is very beautiful and stays in your ears forever.

- Toyoko got a fencing scene , which is just WOW!

- Of course this show is all about accepting and refusing proposals. Mikki’s propse to Minori is SOOOOOOOO funny – she just is about to start her song, when the Bennets break through the door – yes, I MEAN IT! They have to fix the door afterwards XDDD (that happens a few time during the show :)

- Minori wear such a ridiciously hideous (!) and huge dress in the final scene! Gladly we know, they always wear those to hide something underneath

- The mini revue contains everything from otokoyaku dance – also with Mikki and Naoki looking nice – and oh, that otokoyaku “HUH!” sounds even cooler live! *__*

When Toyoko appears in gold and red glitter attire for her last dance, the audience always goes like “oooooooh” and “aaaaaaaaah”. Toyoko’s fans as well as myself truly ADORE her, her beauty, her charms, her nobility.
I have great respect of her achievements and hope that Hankyu and all Takarazuka lovers can appreciate “Tenshi no Hashigo” and the addiction and talent of Suzumi Shio and all of, or half of, Hoshigumi.

(if you wonder why my englis is so perfect - Anthy helps me <3 THANK YOU) <3
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[21 May 2011|10:06am]


~ From Today: This is my Takarazuka ONLY Journal ~

  And its !!! FRIENDS ONLY !!!
Its all about Suzumi Shio, my favorite Takasienne, and our beloved Takarazuka Revue -
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